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SEO Tools And Services I Use


SE Cockpit

This is my BABY! This is by far the best keyword research tool on the market bar none. It’s pricey, but if you aren’t making any money, it’s because you don’t own this Keyword Research Tool.

Market Samurai

I use this as my second opinion when analyzing the Top 10 Competition for a keyword I find in SE Cockpit. It’s been a solid piece of software, and best of all, no recurring fees.



I use these guys when I want to see what a websites backlink profile looks like, including my own websites. You can sign up to use it for free, but it has daily limits to how much info you can grab. Highly useful.


When I exceed my daily limit at Majestic, I head over here to get similar information. It’s also a free tool with daily limits and an upgrade if you wish. Some people prefer this one to Majestic, I just happened to learn Majestic first.

Archive.org - The Wayback Machine

This is such a great tool to use when you want to purchase expiring domain names and you want to see what the website used to look like. A great way to verify it’s content category, and just a fun thing to do overall!


Host Gator

There are so many options when it comes to web hosting. But as someone who does SEO, Host Gator provides all bells and whistles I need at the lowest possible price. WordPress is a one click install using Fantastico and I can host unlimited sites on one account. However the way I do it, is I build 7-10 sites on one account and once about 3 of them are getting decent traffic, I open a new account to host on a different Class C IP. And it's literally a few bucks for each account, so you can easily scale up!

Use coupon code HercMagnus at checkout for a 25% discount!

IP Networx

They recently took a lot of heat from SEO's regarding having PBN's getting de-indexed.  But I personally believe that many people were too lazy to set up their sites the right way.  I only lost about 5% of my PBN network here, while the others are all fine.  Amazing hosting, with bulk site adding, and bulk WP set ups.  This is such a massive time saver it's unreal.​


Thrive Themes

Do you like the way this website looks?  It's because I designed it using a Thrive Theme, and then used the content builder, which is drag and drop easy.  You can create stunning websites once you get the hang of it, which shouldn't take more than 1 site.  They also have a huge focus on speed and conversion with some nifty lead gen pages and templates.  I won't build another site another way now.



I hate writing my own content. So for less than a burger and fries, you can have any article you wish written for you. Reject it as many times as you like if it's not right and it costs the same. You can also have ebooks written! Awesome service for content creation.


Magic Submitter

This amazing tool is for when you are tired of manually back linking everything yourself and want to automate the entire process from account creation to confirmation to back linking and spinning. A total and affordable solution! Comparable to SENuke Xcr.



I love this stat tracking service. I personally prefer these guys to Google Analytics for a few reasons. They have a more user-friendly interface, and they don't steal/spy on you like Google does! Free for as many sites as you like, or upgrade for more stats!


Pro Rank Tracker

I love this stat tracking service. I personally prefer these guys to Google Analytics for a few reasons. They have a more user-friendly interface, and they don't steal/spy on you like Google does! Free for as many sites as you like, or upgrade for more stats!


ARP Reach

Formerly ARP3 or Auto Response Plus. I find this to be the best overall value for an auto responder service with the one time fee which means no monthly charges. You install it on whatever site you like, and have unlimited auto responder campaigns, and it's completely feature rich!   For solid deliverability, I recommend Send In Blue SMTP servers.


If you can't afford the upfront cost of the big gun up above, this is your next best bet. I still give this my highest rating for an auto responder service. I also own an account here, but don't really use it as much.


Source Wave - Alex Becker

Alex Becker is a serious genius level material when it comes to showing you what you need to do in order to build a site, get it traffic, and make money. His free material is better than a lot of the paid stuff I've seen out there.  I've met him, partied with him and can safely say, he's a brilliant marketer.  Go check out his free info.

Bring The Fresh & Kelly Felix

Kelly Felix is one of the best SEO's on the planet, and one hell of a nice guy.  Remember The Rich Jerk?  That was Kelly.  BTF Guide is solid info and presented at a different angle than most.  When I was first frustrated by continually failing at SEO, it's this place that brought me back from the brink! Their SEO Guide is top notch, and the Forum which includes the Success Stories section is priceless! A must join!


Hide My Ass

Want to surf the internet or search Google without them knowing it's you? Want to appear as if you are surfing from Russia, Japan or Australia? This is the tool to do it with. Great for when you are using Magic Submitter or trying to hide what you are really doing from Google. And it's fairly cheap!

  • Jillian P says:

    Couldn’t agree more on SECockpit 🙂

    I had to give mine up because I could just have spent all day, everyday playing with it, and I’ve already got more great keywords than one person can use in a lifetime!

  • Excellent Resource page Herc! I’m just starting out and totally appreciate you sharing what tools have helped you.


  • HercMagnus says:

    Hey Megan,

    Thank you very much! I actually have a few more resources coming to this page that I use and enjoy very much! I’m glad you like it.


  • Ian says:

    Excellent list of resources and I really enjoyed reading your blog and posts on the Bring The Fresh forum – mighty inspiring! Quick question if I may regards the above on Hostgator, what do you mean ‘I open a new account to host on a different Class C IP’? I get you want to keep your sites to look like they are not all from you so are you saying you register again when using Hide My Ass so the WhoIs will be different?

    Thanks for everything thus far, you are helping many like me to at least get excited about succeeding!

  • Ian says:

    Thanks for deleting my previous post. An answer would have been nice but never mind, I get it now.

  • HercMagnus says:

    Hey Ian,

    No I just get a new account at HostGator and request that it’s placed on a different Class C IP than my prior account!

    If you don’t know much about Class C, here’s a great article that explains it nicely!


  • HercMagnus says:

    Oops! Just cause a comment isn’t approved yet, doesn’t mean it’s deleted 😉

  • Darren says:

    Hey Herc,

    Do you use different email address etc for additional hostgator accounts or keep them all under the same billing/setup

  • Angelo says:

    Hi Herc,

    What tool do you use to create Ranking reports for your customers? Rank Checker? For example if I have a customer I want to be able to provide him with Bi-weekly ranking reports for his keywords 1-10, to be able to show the progress of my SEO work that is being done. What would I use?


  • HercMagnus says:

    I have the same billing account email, but I get different HG accounts within that.

  • CR says:

    Anyone have a list of cheap domain registrars they use? Should you use separate registrars even for money sites that won’t be linked to each other? Or is that mainly if you’re building a PBN? Is it okay to use a single registrar for money sites?

  • JK says:

    Herc ….as of 10/3/16 that page is on a suspended site!

  • Craig Riley says:

    As always Herc, providing a wealth of knowledge and great advice. I am going to check some of these products out.


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