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Herc is as authentic as he is brilliant. One of the few people I wholeheartedly recommend without hesitation.

Kelly Felix  Affiliate Manager - goldco.com

Some very kinds words about Herc

Herc is an all around great guy and business person.

Rare to find someone so honest these days who also happens
to be an exceptional and straightforward marketer.

Not to mention being my best affiliate that shaped my career.

Anyone having the pleasure of doing business with Herc is blessed!

Lior Ohayon

CoFounder - hush.com

Herc is the man and a marketing genius

John Crestiani

Founder - johncrestiani.com

New Here?

I really only write about a few things on this site.


Software development, crypto, search engine optimization.  The things I do to make money.


Family, marriage, parenting & friendships.  The relationships that I strive to nurture.


Music, golf, arts & crafts.  The things I do to feel young, and stay sane.

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About Herc Magnus

I still strongly believe in a business deal done on a handshake.

I appreciate honestly, integrity, intelligence and accountability and I tend to gravitate towards and thrive around those types. 

I'm extremely entrepreneurial and I love taking risks. When I was 25, I rode a bicycle from Edmonton, AB to Tampa Bay, FL.  I invested heavily in Crypto in 2015 before it was mainstream.

I'm a passionate musician! I play multiple instruments and also play in a killer rock band called Hollywood Assassyn.

I run my own SEO Agency, Position One Marketing, and co-founded a successful SEO software development company.

Along the way, I try to have fun and seek the things that make me happy!