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UPDATE 1: Live Case Study: Golf5.net

Hey Everyone,

Ok so right now it’s 6:21PM my time, approx 24 hours after registering my domain name Golf5.net and I have my first update for you!

I’m on Page 1 of Yahoo!  I just checked and I’m already result #7!  That’s 24 hours to Page 1 of Yahoo.  Not bad right?

I haven’t been indexed in Google yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long.

Here’s the picture, or you can goto Yahoo yourself and look for my site!



  • Kevin says:

    Hi Herc,

    It seems that Google/Yahoo tends to give us a good ranking early on when the domain and content are new but after a few weeks our sites (like your Golf 5 site) settle into the back pages of Google, Yahoo etc keyword searches. I did a search for ‘Golf 5’ on Google and Yahoo and couldn’t find your site after going 12 pages in so stopped there. I can see that your Golf 5 site followed the basic rules laid out by The 80% Law Of SEO. That said, even their example site was nowhere to be found months later so what’s the point of getting to page one in a day or two if you won’t stay beyond a week or two. What’s the key to this? Off page optimization (high quality backlinks)?

    I know you have other sites that are making you money so I would love to understand specifically what you did with those to get them to rank but more importantly to convert to sales. Being new to this I ‘m really starting to appreciate that the ‘quality’ of the EMD comes down to its commercial intent (ie. will it attract the type of people that are looking to buy related products/services).

    Anyway, look forward to hearing about some of your other sites and how you got them ranking and converting.


  • Cathleen says:

    What an awesome way to explain this-now I know evhtyreing!

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