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  • Erik Heyl says:

    I’m curious: what auto responder do you use? The confirmation mail ended up in my inbox instantly. Self-hosted solution?

  • HercMagnus says:

    Hey Erik,

    I use MailerLite. I’ve always used them and much prefer this solution to Aweber or Getresponse.


  • Horace says:

    Hey man, you’ve been helping me out on BTF so, thanks for that, you have my attention 🙂

  • owen cooper says:

    I’ve really been struggling with niche marketing and I am looking for anything that will help me make a break through. Thanks I’m looking forward to learning from your internet marketing journey

  • Tony says:

    great ideas. Thanks for sharing

  • Sam says:

    Hey mate, just wanted to say thanks.
    You took the time to answer my question on FB in the group, so I’ll take a good look at what you’re doing 🙂

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