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Hello and thank you for your interest in my Rank and Rent Guide!

I’m giving this PDF guide away to you for free, so all I ask in return is that if you love it, you let me know about it. Shoot me a Facebook message, or tag me in a post to let me know your thoughts!


If you have any questions about the method, please post them as a question here and I will answer them for everyone to see!

Herc Magnus

Oh ya, PS...

  • Jarrett Holmes says:

    Thanks for the great guide Herc! Look forward to learning more from you and sharing much knowledge myself in OMG.

  • Richard Gillman says:

    This guide is perfect! Thank You for sharing our knowledge with us! This will help anyone that goes out there and applies the information in your guide.

  • HercMagnus says:

    No problemo man! Hope you take some action!

  • HercMagnus says:

    Exactly…if you apply the info, you will eventually make some money 😉

  • Taylor says:

    Hey Herc. Thanks so much for the guide! I started researching a market today and found a keyword that I think I can go for. The thing is, with registering a new emd,what is the waiting time to start pbn backlinking? Do we need to let the domain “sit” for a bit first before we start pbn backlinking? Do we need to establish social properties? I’m ready to rock so I’m just trying to make sure I’m rocking out safely lol. With the keyword I chose, it says 602,000 results, but when I &start=990 it says 273 results…does that sound doable for a 1-2month time frame? Thanks a lot, Herc, you’ve really sparked a fire in my gut!

  • HercMagnus says:

    The only thing you need to wait for before building PBN links to the domain, is that the domain is fully finished with design and content, and that the page you want to link to is indexed in Google already.

    No you should not need social properties…I’ve been ranking without them, which is why I didn’t cover them in my guide.

    It’s hard to tell how fast you can rank a site only knowing it has 602k broad match competition. I’d have to see the keyword and competition to give a more detailed answer.

    Glad to hear you are fired up!

  • Elishama says:

    Hi Herc,
    thanks so much for the guide and great information. I was hoping you could clarify for me about keywords and anchor text. When attempting to rank locally for keywords should your keywords be used as your page titles with the city added to them? (Example: MyCity Car Accident Lawyer, personal injury attorney mycity) And should you also do the same with your anchor texts?

  • HercMagnus says:

    Hi Elishama, yes typically you would want your keyword in your title, h1 and description. But you also don’t want to over do it as you can easily be penalized with an EMD for over optimizing your pages. I suggest you download the Project Supremacy plugin in order to make your on page optimization job a lot easier.

    As for anchor texts, I believe you should re-read the chapter in the book on how to properly use anchor texts as it explains it quite well.

  • Taylor says:

    Thanks a lot. I just bought the EMD yesterday, it indexed TODAY! 🙂 And I got all my site content up so I am starting my PBN backlinking now since I don’t need to wait on anything! This is so freaking cool lol Thanks so much for the guide, Herc. I have been second guessing myself so it’s cool that I can start off with a rank and rent site.

  • HercMagnus says:

    Hopefully you used the Project Supremacy plugin to optimize your site!

  • Dej says:

    Hey Herc…my theme is the local business theme…the free theme that Darrel Ferguson uses. For some reason, even when I use Jetpack to make the site mobile friendly, my homepage comes up as “Nothing found: Appologies, but no results were found for the requested archive. Perhaps searching will help find a related post.” Any fixes that you know of that could remedy this?

    Thanks a bunch!

  • HercMagnus says:

    Hi Dej, sorry man this sounds more like a support ticket that you’d want to submit to the theme owner not me.

  • Twayna says:

    If we have an emd and do URL, branded, naked URL links on our pbn’s will the emd rank for the emd term?

  • Twayna says:

    I just used this plugin and it is super sweet! Now, because we are just using a fresh emd without social signals, what would be your suggested link velocity? I have a local keyword with an emd that gets about 700 searches/mo. So how fast can you safely link with something like this? Also, if we did a whole bunch of emd URL links…would that help us to rank moreso for the exact keyword than the “roundabout” keyword anchor text alternatives?

    thanks Herc!

  • HercMagnus says:

    Link velocity I usually stick with a new link every 1-3 days until I’m seeing solid rankings. Then I increase to ever 1-2 days and just keep linking until you are ranking. That’s assuming you are doing everything right and always climbing. If you go down, something went wrong and you’ll have to do some research to find out what.

    As for your second question, I believe you are asking about using URL as anchor texts. The answer is it’s not really the URL anchor text that helps you rank; it’s the combination of proper on page SEO, and passing juice from solid links. But when you start using “keyword” anchor texts, this does contribute to more relevance, but with an EMD you have be extremely careful not to use the EMD keyword very much at all for you might trigger a Penguin penalty.

  • HercMagnus says:

    It could. I won’t say it WILL because there are more factors than just what links you use.

  • Swade says:

    Hi Herc,

    Thanks for the great guide. Some would charge large for that guide.

    When building a PBN do you suggest limiting the OBL’s to a certain number?

    Also are you still looking to rank the pool site?

  • HercMagnus says:

    Hi Swade, I’m glad you enjoyed it and see the value of it. It really is a solid guide and I may charge for it outside of OMG.

    Yes I like keeping my PBN’s OBL lower than 20. If the site had a large number of backlinks and pages however, I can up that and still pass solid juice. The number of OBL is relative to the size of the previous site.

    Finally, yes I am still ranking the pool site 🙂

  • Keith Best says:

    Hi Herc

    Thanks for the guide and also the Free plugin. just going to start using it now.

  • Bruno says:

    Hi Herc,

    Assuming that you set up the call tracking as soon as you get the site up and running, what do you do with the calls that you receive before renting the website and redirecting them to the client?


  • Kris says:

    Just got the guide AWESOME STUFF! The table of contents alone has me super focused on learning this method. I leave a review once I’m done.

  • Aaron Garcia says:

    Hi Herc! Great write up about rank and rent. I am going to start up and just had a quick question for you. When your site is up and your starting to rank, what do you do with the leads that are coming in? As far as getting phone calls and forms being filled out? Do you just ignore them until you get the site rented? Or do you sell the leads?

  • Sunganani says:

    Got the report already. Trouble is, most call tracking services do not allow clients like me from Africa. So, still searching. Great guide though. Very doable.

  • Great guide and step-by-step plan!

  • F.A. Perry says:

    Hey Herc, just wanted to say thank you for the free Rank and Rent download. You had some very encouraging things to say concerning this model. I am a bit confused about one thing though; how do you have several websites without having a physical address for each site?
    I had all but given up on the rank and rent model because I had no solution to this one question. I was listening to another “guru” on YouTube who said that google required separate addresses for each business site. This individual suggested renting the addresses.
    I would appreciate any advice you can give me advice about how to do this? Thank you. F.A.

  • Orb says:

    Hi Herc

    I am truly moved to action and inspired by the simplicity of this model which allows noobs to learn as stuff is built and ranked.

    Brilliant – so thanks for sharing such a clear and well written guide on this!

    It appears this was written about a year ago from the comment dates – anything you would add now (or anything for other countries – I’m in UK)

    Finally – why project supremacy over yoast or ‘all on one seo’?

    Thanks again – I WILL report back with my experience and profits!….

  • Mark says:

    Hello Herc,
    Thanks for all the info. Curious how you handle an address for google maps verification with rank and rent? A couple are easy in your hometown but doing them in another city is a problem. Hearsay is Google does not like UPS type store addresses. You did not mention this in your guide. Is it as you stated about social properties…you just go for organic traffic, without any attempt at maps? Does just a city for an address without a street address filled in Project Supremacy effect organic rank?
    Appreciate you sharing. Thank you.

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