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Live Case Study: Golf5.net

Hey All,

So today I went on a 2 hour call with BTF member adbimc1.

He reached out to me to help him with the whole ranking a blog and keyword research thing.  Why me?

Good question, I’m no pro but I have been having a good amount of success lately ranking blogs onto Page 1 of Google in like ridiculously fast time.  I’m talking 48 hours in some cases.

Furthermore, I’ve been doing it with no back links ($$$) and only 1 single SEO Tool.  My favorite keyword research tool of all freaking time.  SE Cockpit.  My total cost to do this demonstration was $12 to register the domain.  I already had purchased SE Cockpit, so I didn’t include that cost.

So I really wanted to help, and I thought no better way than to explain what I do, and then actually do it live right in front of him.  I should have recorded the session, dam.

Anyways live on Skype Screenshare I brought him right from the first step of keyword research, through domain registration, all the way to building the blog and pinging it to be indexed on Google.

The entire process from keyword research to pinging the blog took about 1 hour.

What we are hoping, and what I’m trying to teach is that you can rank a blog on Page 1 of Google in under 1 week if you do your keyword research and On Page Optimization right.

The only thing that worries me is that I was a little hasty in my keyword competition analysis and chose a keyword that might be a little tougher to rank than I normally would. The reason I chose it however is that it has 60,500 exact searches per month and my trusty software SE Cockpit tells me this is an easy keyword to rank for, so I’m giving it a shot.

I actually stumbled on the keyword when showing him my methods!  Here’s a screen shot of the keyword I chose.  Click it to get a better look!



Golf5.net was registered at about 3pm Mountain Time on April 5th, 2013 and pinged to be indexed about 1 hour later.  No back links, no real major content.

I want to share this build with everyone and be very transparent in my methods in hopes that I can rank this domain very quickly and show everyone that a lot of MIS-information exists about how long it can take to rank a blog and what’s really needed in order to do it.

I didn’t link to the site from this post, in order to preserve the integrity of what I am doing and I hope that anyone reading this post cares more about the information they can gain from reading and following it, than some sort of sabotage!  It happens 🙁

Also, I have traffic stats set up, but it will obviously be skewed due to people wanting to visit the blog and check out the page.

But I will report all findings and hopefully inspire both adimc1 and others!

Please leave your comments/questions etc below, and I shall respond to them there.

I would also love it if you subscribed to my list and I have SOOOO MANY cool posts coming about this SEO stuff!



  • Tristan says:

    Nice one Herc! I think you are doing a really great thing here! Keep this great info coming, as it is really inspirational to me and I know for certain it is for others too!

    You are helping many people out by sharing your information with the community and it is refreshing that you don’t want to hold anything back and that you want to actually share.

    Please keep up your awesome work!



  • Joe says:

    Do you think a trademark domain is the way to go these days?

  • Hansie says:

    Great info, I would just like to know how will you be monetizing the traffic?great if you rank a site but you need a spin on it to make money- doesn’t matter if it only cost you $10 to rank.



  • HercMagnus says:

    Well I don’t really plan on building this site, I was using it for the purpose of showing that if you do your keyword research correctly, then it’s possible to rank well very quickly. But if I did want to monetize, there are a few ways. 1.Adsense – The volume of traffic this site would receive at #1 is huge, so I’d make decent money there.
    2.Affiliate Products – There’s lots of car buying guides, car secrets guides and CPA offers for buying vehicles etc.
    3.Flip – I could simply get the site to #1 then flip it over!

  • HercMagnus says:

    If I received a cease and desist letter then I would simply change the content to the PS3 Game, Golf 5, which might be a percentage of what people are looking for anyways! No I wouldn’t go after a trademarked domain to begin with, but as I mentioned, this is just a case study to show quick rankings…not an actual site I want to build.

  • Tony says:

    Found your blog through your recent postings on BTF. Thanks for contributing. You have some great ideas.

  • Akbar says:

    Herc, Nice case study. I completely agree with you on the potential of SECockpit but I disagree on point here. Any new domain which you build irrespective of the potential of keyword or EMD will does get that initial boost in rankings which we term it as “honeymoon period” in SEO parlance. The reason being Google refreshes their data for relevancy quite often and just because you have the exact EMD it ranks it high in SERP’s initially but as time passes the authority and relevancy comes into picture and the rankings start dipping. So, with right intention it is possible to rank a specific keyword on first page of google but to build an online business I think there is more work involved. Your thoughts?


  • HercMagnus says:

    Thanks for the post Akbar!

    Yes I agree 100% that authority and relevance do come into play over time!

    And all you really have to do in order to make your website relevant and authoritative to Google, is have really good On Page SEO, and then back link it from relevant content, high PR websites. Those links carry so much juice that relevance and authority are easily taken care of.

    I’ve had a few sites in med competition markets rank on Page 1 with only one good backlink. And my content was very minimal!

    With this site in particular, it has no content, and no backlinks, which is why it never really did well in the SERPS. It’s got no relevant backlinks!

    I should place a good backlink just to show what I mean!

  • Gabe says:

    So, what were the results of this case study?

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