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Herc Magnus SEO Zen Review and Bonus!

I’m so glad you came to read this post…please read it all, especially the end part 😉


So it’s been about 9 months since I’ve really hit my own personal stride with SEO. I have about 15 sites on Page 1 of Google now, and I’m closing in on the $1000/month mark in a completely residual income stream!

Most of my sites are EMD style and I’ve done ok with that.  Scratch that, I’ve done great with that, it’s where I learned all my SEO foundations!  But I’ve slowly started realizing that it’s ridiculously easier (and way cheaper) to rank a single domain for 10 awesome keywords than it is to try and rank 10 domains for 10 awesome keywords!

Here’s just a few reasons why.

  • Buy one PR backlink, but all 10 keywords benefit.
  • Buy one domain for $12 instead of 10 for $120
  • Just keep building and working on a single domain, rather than trying to organize details for 10!  This one is such a huge time saver.
  • Focus on one blog, and get much better insight and results from test.
  • More traffic from 10 keywords means easier testing of new CPA, Affiliate and Adsense placements and offers.
  • more, more, more…

So ya, obviously I am getting at something here.  So here it is…

I don’t know if you have ever heard of setting up your blog in a SILO fashion, but apparently it’s getting amazing results in Google.  And SILO’s are what I am talking about up above; using one domain to rank multiple keywords rather than EMD’s for every keyword.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my EMD’s and I ain’t quitting any time soon, but I have started building SILO’s based on the teachings of Alex Becker.

I’m not sure if you know Becker is, but once I started following his SEO advice, that’s where things really started heating up for me.

If you have followed me in the BTF forum at all, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  • Ranking #3 in 8 Days for a 9900/month search keyword

  • 6600 unique visits in one day to my website

  • $700/month in passive income now hands free

Those are all thanks to Becker and what I learned from him.

Well the next level for me is now building bigger sites using SILO’s and because I’ve been one of his good students, he actually let me in on his latest project called SEO Zen and it’s effing awesome!

It’s a Word Press plugin that literally builds your website for you in a perfectly SILO’d structure and I’m talking fast…like mere minutes.  It also sets up each post and page with the 3 things that Google is currently loving the most.

  1. Silo Structures
  2. Relevant & Unique Content
  3. Youtube Videos!

If your blogs have those three things on them, along with a small handful of High PR backlinks you are going to see some major rankings.  Trust me, I’ve now done it personally time and time and time again.


Here’s a video where Becker shows you how fast this baby builds perfectly optimized SILO sites.


Did you watch that?

See what I mean…pretty slick right?  I’ve already started building my very first SEO Zen blog and I’m going to be sharing the results of it here on my blog with everyone.

But if you want to get in on the action right away, Becker is giving an early bird discount of 62% tomorrow on Oct 1, 2013 his launch day of SEO Zen.

The product is going to cost $197 regularly, but as always you can get it cheaper if you act fast.

The biggest discount is the 62% Discount which is only going to last for a few days.

Then they drop the discount to 50% for the last couple of days of launch, then it’s at the full price of $197.


Ok so obviously I want you to purchase SEO Zen through me (I will make a commission, but I truly do believe in the software or I wouldn’t even speak of it).

So here is what I am going to offer if you purchase SEO Zen from this very link.

#1 – Beta Tester Access To KeywordSupremacy.com

On my last blog post, I asked everyone for their suggestion for the name of my new Keyword Tool, and you all voted for Keyword Supremacy.  Well guess what, it’s almost done Stage 1 development and I will let you in as a beta tester.

You’ll be able to grab hundreds of keywords perfect for use with SEO Zen!

#2 – Personal Coaching From Me – Case Study Student

Obviously I want KeywordSupremacy.com to be a success, and the best way I know how is to take all my above beta testers by the hand and actually build their websites with them!  I’ll guide you step by step to a site ‘as guaranteed as I can give you’ to the top of Page 1 of Google.

I’ve done it about 15 times now!

#3 – Personal Case Study of My Fastest Ranking Blog (#1 in 4 days)

I’ll actually reveal to you a blog that I built months ago, that sits at #1 in Google!  It took me 1 hour to find the keyword, build the blog and backlink it.  4 days later it hit #1 and stayed there.  I’ll give you a PDF report with the exact story behind it all.

#4 – My Skype ID

I do NOT give this out as I don’t need everyone in the world just buggin me whenever they need something!  But for people who need access to me to help build sites, I will give you my Skype ID so we can chat (pre-arranged meetings may need to be made).


So I don’t know if that sounds at all worth it to you, but if it does CLICK HERE to get your 62% Discount on SEO Zen, and once you have it, use the contact form to send me your receipt number and I’ll put you on the list for Beta-Testing, Case Study Student, My #1 Blog Case Study and my Skype ID.

Let’s get building!



  • Shannon says:

    Hey Herc, very genourous offer.

    How have you found the results of Alex’s plugin, I have been watching it for the last couple of weeks, curious about seeing some other results, niches different than just the one he has done. It does look really good though. Can’t wait to get my hans on it.

  • Jillian P says:

    Ooh ooh ooh, jumping up and down with my hands in the air, love SEO Zen already but want to be a beta tester so much I might just use your link anyway 😉

  • HercMagnus says:

    Well my silo site is being built tonight so I don’t have any personal results actually using the tool BUT I do have many results following Beckers advice and this tool simply builds the sites the way he tells you and does it all for you. So I know that as long as you choose good keywords the site will do well!

  • HercMagnus says:

    I hope you do! I really value working with people who share my enthusiasm!

  • Steve says:

    Can’t wait to get started! I already contacted you with my receipt number.

  • Shannon says:

    Hey Herc any updates on your test site, how is it doing?

  • HercMagnus says:

    Hey Shannon,
    Which test site are you referring to? I’ve had a few now, but I’d be glad to give updates!

  • Shannon says:

    The Zen one you mentioned in first comment, I bought it and made a site, I am still trying to index it, just wondering how your going with it so far?

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