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Ever Wanted To Mine Bitcoin?
FREE BROWSER pays you BTC for "surfing the internet" using your unused CPU resources!

Watch the video to see this browser mine BTC live!

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I'm surfing the internet anyway, I may as well get paid for it...

I don't even notice the difference when browsing with Crypto Tab, except that I'm now mining a little Bitcoin for myself.  I mean I'm surfing the internet all day anyway, I may as well get paid for it!

HERC MAGNUS  //  SEO & Crypto Enthusiast

The real way to passive income...

I am using the #CryptoTab Browser for a couple of months now & I can say that it meets expectations 100%. Plus the browser will earn #cryptocurrency while you just do what you need. It’s an amazing way to use your time and computer resources more wisely

ADIL  //  Internet Surfer, Twitter User

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