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The Most Important Lesson I Learned In My SEO Career Thus Far.

The Most Important Lesson I Learned In My SEO Career Thus Far:
Good Keyword Research Is STEP 1!

I remember the day I bought my first SEO Guide, Google Sniper by George Brown.

I remember being so freakin excited about how I was gonna find a ‘low hanging fruit’ keyword and build a blog about it. Low competition, and decent search volume – 1000 to 3000 searches per month!

I was gonna make $500/month per website, and then I was gonna build 10 of them and make $5000/month and quit my day job and live the loco life!

Oh man, if it were that easy right?

Here’s a small sample of some of the domain names my girlfriend and I found keywords for and built blogs! Some of them still have a page up, so go ahead and peek at what we did.

RiftTalent.com – I have no idea about the game Rift.
HowToKissABoy.org – Teenagers don’t spend money on learning how to kiss.
BestChestExercisesForMen.com – First Real success, up to 60 hits per day. Then Penguin
SkyrimCheatsGamePlay.com – People looking for cheat codes don’t buy guides
AcneAndClearSkin.com – Keyword To Competitive
HowToGetRidOfBackAcneForever.com – To Competitive of a market, never ranked.
YourSocialAnxietyDisorderTest.com – Second Real Success, Got to Google #12. Then Penguin

With each new failure, a resentment and aggravation built up in me.  But I kept going on, and we’d hit a bit of success!

With our first taste of getting success in the form of traffic, about 60 hits per day, we got super excited and we wanted to rank #1, instead of #6.  So we did what we were told and joined a back-linking network called SEO Link Monster, and blasted the hell out of those sites with backlinks.

The result. We dropped out of the rankings completely.

So effectively, what we did was pay $147/month for a few months to completely wipe out any small amount of success that we had.

I quit. I seriously walked away from SEO and went back to bar-tending as my source of income.

But whatever seed Mr George Brown planted in me, he planted it deep and he planted it well because I couldn’t really get the idea of SEO out of my mind. During the next 8 months, I never actively did anything to build a blog or do keyword research.

But I did visit the Bring The Fresh forum quite a bit, and read the Success Stories section. I was gob-smacked by all the relative NOOBS that were cracking the code and getting results! I felt partly envious, and partly dumbfounded.

“I have a 10 year background in all things
Internet and Affiliate Marketing related
but I can’t rank a site for the life of me.”

But I kept reading and re-reading. Then one day, I stumbled across another fellow by the name of Alex Becker, and that’s when things completely changed for me.

I got his ebook called The 80% Law Of SEO. It’s an excellent product, but poorly named product in my opinion.

The 80% Law states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your proper efforts.  It’s a very popular economic study in which the famous 80/20 rule came from.  And it’s abundantly correct in many real life situations.

In relation to keyword research, Becker states that you’ll get 80% of your results from 20% of the keywords you choose.

So the remainder of the course materials is 6-8 methods (I can’t remember exactly) that will help you find those keywords that produce 80% of the results.  The winners!

He has a name for each keyword finding method, which is a nice way to help you remember.  Some of them are; Top Ten Method, Blood In the Water Method, Foreign Language Sniping, Big Splash method, and I believe a few others.

His tactics are quite logical, and kinda made me think DUH! Why didn’t I think of that. But the fact is they work.

They work so well in fact that within a week of going over The 80% Law Of SEO, I had found my first truly successful keyword and built a site that was ranked on Page 1 of Google in 8 days, and hit #1 about 2 weeks later. Traffic levels are currently between 250-300 unique hits per day!

Within the next 30 days, I built 5 more sites of which 3 hit Page 1 in Google. One of them even hit #4 in 48 hours, and is now currently ranked #1 getting over 100 hits per day.

1 sits at position 11, and the other I over optimized in my excitement of it all and it was thrown into the mythical Google Sandbox.

Think about that…

I failed and failed and failed. About 20 domains I built, spent money on and none of them worked and I eventually quit, but when I came back, and found the missing link magic happened.

Within 1 month of reading the right strategies,
I had 2 sites ranked #1 in Google and a whole whack more on Page 1.

Unreal right?

So what was the difference? Keywords man!!!

Getting the right keyword is the very first step you have to take when you are trying to rank a brand new domain name! If you don’t pick the right keyword right away (due to inexperience), you probably won’t know it right away and you will end up wasting more time and money trying to build something that’s just a bit out of your reach or current level of expertise.

I’m not trying to say ranking tough keywords is impossible, it is possible. But I am saying that someone who has little to no knowledge and experience in these matters should NOT be trying to rank for keywords that are even remotely difficult. It’s just to depressing and will lead to bad things.

Don’t do it!

Try to be smart and learn from the failures of others, as my mother always wished I’d do.

Picking the right keyword is like starting a 1000 mile journey, and actually heading off in the right direction from the start. What a sigh of relief!

Ok one last way of putting this…

If I were in a contest where I had 10 minutes to pick a keyword to build a blog on, and the winner was determined by who received the largest volume of traffic from the search engines, I’d spend 9 minutes finding the right keyword, and 1 minute building the blog.

And I’d probably win 😉

So if you haven’t seen traffic from your website building efforts yet, then I highly suggest that you change whatever it is that you are doing, and place all of your efforts into learning about keyword research!

The 80% Law Of SEO is a great guide to show you how to switch on your brain and find all sorts of keywords. It’s also very cheap! It’s like 15 bucks!

Once you understand the keyword research methods, get yourself a membership for SE Cockpit, which is the best keyword research software there is. You’ll take your new found knowledge and minimize your search time into flat seconds.

I can literally find 100 great keywords in a matter of 10 minutes or less now thanks to the knowledge of that guide, and the mining power of that tool!

I hope this helps!


PS.  I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts and comments, so please leave your comments below and check back once in awhile, cause I do respond!


Live Case Study: Golf5.net

Hey All,

So today I went on a 2 hour call with BTF member adbimc1.

He reached out to me to help him with the whole ranking a blog and keyword research thing.  Why me?

Good question, I’m no pro but I have been having a good amount of success lately ranking blogs onto Page 1 of Google in like ridiculously fast time.  I’m talking 48 hours in some cases.

Furthermore, I’ve been doing it with no back links ($$$) and only 1 single SEO Tool.  My favorite keyword research tool of all freaking time.  SE Cockpit.  My total cost to do this demonstration was $12 to register the domain.  I already had purchased SE Cockpit, so I didn’t include that cost.

So I really wanted to help, and I thought no better way than to explain what I do, and then actually do it live right in front of him.  I should have recorded the session, dam.

Anyways live on Skype Screenshare I brought him right from the first step of keyword research, through domain registration, all the way to building the blog and pinging it to be indexed on Google.

The entire process from keyword research to pinging the blog took about 1 hour.

What we are hoping, and what I’m trying to teach is that you can rank a blog on Page 1 of Google in under 1 week if you do your keyword research and On Page Optimization right.

The only thing that worries me is that I was a little hasty in my keyword competition analysis and chose a keyword that might be a little tougher to rank than I normally would. The reason I chose it however is that it has 60,500 exact searches per month and my trusty software SE Cockpit tells me this is an easy keyword to rank for, so I’m giving it a shot.

I actually stumbled on the keyword when showing him my methods!  Here’s a screen shot of the keyword I chose.  Click it to get a better look!



Golf5.net was registered at about 3pm Mountain Time on April 5th, 2013 and pinged to be indexed about 1 hour later.  No back links, no real major content.

I want to share this build with everyone and be very transparent in my methods in hopes that I can rank this domain very quickly and show everyone that a lot of MIS-information exists about how long it can take to rank a blog and what’s really needed in order to do it.

I didn’t link to the site from this post, in order to preserve the integrity of what I am doing and I hope that anyone reading this post cares more about the information they can gain from reading and following it, than some sort of sabotage!  It happens 🙁

Also, I have traffic stats set up, but it will obviously be skewed due to people wanting to visit the blog and check out the page.

But I will report all findings and hopefully inspire both adimc1 and others!

Please leave your comments/questions etc below, and I shall respond to them there.

I would also love it if you subscribed to my list and I have SOOOO MANY cool posts coming about this SEO stuff!




Keyword Research That Get’s Results!

SE Cockpit Special

My Keyword Search Breakthrough

How I Now Search For Keywords


So as my story goes, I basically have been at SEO for over 2 years now and only recently have I found any real success. The major breakthrough came in the form of how I did my keyword research.

I’d read time and time again that keyword research is the first step, and if you mess it up, you are doomed to begin with. I always knew that I needed to find high search, low competition keywords with buyer intent, but it just was’t that easy! I’d spend hours and hours searching for good keywords, and find 1 if I was lucky.

That’s all changed now.

I can sit down for 30 minutes and find multiple keywords with over 10,000 searches per month, with domains available and competition that I know I can beat even without back links. On multiple occasions I’ve found keywords, registered an Exact Match Domain, built a blog and had a Page 1 ranking on Google all within one week. I’ve even done it 48 hours.

So what happened?  How did I go from a keyword research idiot to a savant overnight?

Well the funny thing is that I had the proper keyword research tool all along, I just didn’t know how to use it properly. Yes you can do keyword research with the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool, but it’s going to take freaking forever! I’d rather spend a few bucks to save my time.

Isn’t that one of the things money is for anyways? You spend time to get money, so it only makes sense that the reverse is also true. Spend money, and get back some time!

The single most important SEO Tool I now own is my keyword research software Search Engine Cockpit. Ya, it’s a bit expensive, but it’s 100% worth the price in my mind!

I also own Market Samurai, Micro Niche Finder, Traffic Travis and Keyword Canine, and where all of them have some sort of uniqueness, I feel that SE Cockpit has everything all the other majors do, plus a lot more.


How I Used To Do Keyword Research

I’d want to get into a market like weight loss, so I’d open up SE Cockpit and I’d type in ‘weight loss’ to the Keyword Phrase Box. Then I’d use the Adwords Synonyms Suggest to grab more ideas related to weight loss so that I’d pull more keyword. But I found nothing.

I’d switch niches from weight loss to acne and do the same thing and I’d find nothing.


How I Do Keyword Research Now

I am a huge fan of the forum community at Bring The Fresh by Mike Long and Kelly Felix, as people are so helpful in there. One post of a guy who was having great success was about his keyword research methods and he talked about ‘how people search‘.

They search for things like “how to train a dog” and “how to get rid of acne”. Or if they are shopping they will search for “iphone review” and “iphone price” or “buy iphone” and “buy ipad”.

And then after seeing that I made a strange connection with the way people search and the way that Google delivers results.

People either repeat themselves a lot, or the Google Suggest tool leads people to search in very common strings.

What if I stopped trying to find the niches, and instead just use the right common phrases and then just let Google fill in the blanks.  For instance

“how to —”

I mean people are always looking for how to do stuff and there’s literally unlimited “how to’s”.

So I opened up SE Cockpit and I typed in “how to”. Then I use the Google Suggest Synonyms to fill in the blanks.




I see those little diamonds start popping up all over the place in my search results, which mean that you have found an amazing keyword when search volume and competition are taken into place.  Those are gems.

I NEVER used to find gems and on my first search, I have like over 10 on one page!  Unreal.

Then I set a filter to only show me keywords with a domain name available.  It’s still looking really really good!  So I set another filter to only show me Rank 1-10 Competition that has a value of under 40.

(With SE Cockpit, this number is represented by an orange bar.  0 being the easiest competition and 100 being the hardest.)

And I’m absolutely gob-smacked!  I have keywords with over 20,000 searches per month, low competition and domain names available.  And not just a few of them.  Tons of them!!!

I’ll even show you a screen shot below…go ahead and register any of these domains if you wish, I only blocked out two of them 😉


And that’s just from one search.

Then I applied that same thinking logic of how people search vs how Google delivers results, and I see that I can take it a step farther using the Suggest Tool.

I notice that a bunch of the keywords start with ‘how to make’.  Which is one step further than just “how to”.

So my next search is “how to make —” and I let Google fill in the rest.  I set my filters to Domains Available and Rank 1-10 Competition less than 40.

Again it’s another HOME RUN!


Tons of keywords available with low competition and domain names available.


And now at this point I’m really excited because I know the possibilities and this particular method of keyword research is simply ENDLESS!!

  • how to make
  • how to start
  • how to stop
  • how to gain
  • how to lose
  • how to ANYTHING!!!!

And it doesn’t just have to be with the starter “How to”.

  • Where To Get —
  • Where To Buy —
  • How To Find —


Want to focus in on a particular item!  Let’s say you are a big fan of Xbox!  Just type in the word Xbox, and let Google Auto-Suggest do the rest.

Well ever since I started doing keyword research this way, I haven’t looked back.  It’s been an endless stream of keywords that I can find with thousands of searches per month!

So it’s not just about having the right tool, it’s also about knowing how to use it!

If you don’t already have SE Cockpit, then I highly suggest that you buy it and use it.  It’s $97/month regular price, but below is a back door access where you can get your first month for only $37!  So I suggest you get it now, or save this page so you can get it later!



SE Cockpit Special

Click Here To Get The Special Offer On SE Cockpit

Yes I do make a commission if you purchase, so I hope that you don’t mind!  I’ll continue to provide you with this amazing content as my way of saying thank you!




Welcome to my world…

Hello and thank you for visiting!

I am Herc Magnus and as the description of my blog suggests, I have two very strong passions!  Music and Money!  Well I really only love money because it allows me the time and freedom to play music!

I have been making money from the Internet for almost 15 years now, so I’ve seen and done quite a few things!  But as of 2012, my main focus has been primarily on Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as I’ll refer to it from now on.

The reason I’ve chosen SEO as my focus is because it is a challenging, rewarding and profitable way to get free traffic online using the big guy Google.

Basically what I do is find out what highly searched phrases people are looking for on Google, those phrases or the things you type into Google when you search are called keywords.  So I look for keywords with thousands of searches per month!

When I find a bunch of them, I find out which ones don’t have a lot of competition in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages), and I build a webpage or blog based around that keyword.

Why do I do this?

Because if I know thousands of people are searching for a particular keyword, and not a lot of people have a website or blog dedicated to giving out information about that keyword, then it’s going to be relatively easy to rank #1 in Google when that term is searched.

Further more, when you get a website at the 1st position in Google for any term searched, you’ll receive about 50% of the total traffic to your site!  The other 50% of the traffic is split up and heads to results 2 – 20 typically.  Page 3, you suck, you are useless.

So half of the traffic heads to the #1 site.  So if you have a site about “how to play guitar” in the number 1 spot on Google, and about 100,000 people per month search for ‘how to play guitar’ your website will receive approximately 50,000 hits per month or 1666 hits per day, and every single one of those people is looking for a way to learn to play guitar.

Guess what I do next?

Yep, I direct them to a program, a website, a dvd, or anything for sale that teaches people how to play guitar. and if they buy it.  I send them through a special link called an ‘affiliate link’ which tells the people selling the product, that it was me who sent them, so if that person purchases the product, I make a commission!

So all the effort I spend up front, creates a semi-residual income stream.  What I mean by semi-residual is that as long as these 3 conditions are all met, I’ll be making hands-free income.

  1. As long as Google exists to deliver traffic.
  2. As long as people are searching for that keyword
  3. As long as my website is in the Top 3 results

BAM!!!  Free targeted traffic all day, every day, looking for stuff to buy.  And all I gotta do is set up a website, and collect some checks!

Ok, so it’s obviously not THAT easy, otherwise everyone would just do it, but with a little practice, the right guidance and a proper set of tools, you can do this!

A little story…

A year ago into learning how to do SEO with my girlfriend, we sucked at it!  We picked bad keywords, and we set up bad sites and we got very little results if any.  But we never quit learning and trying.

Today, a year later we can pick a keyword and have a website ranked in the Top 3 positions in Google in 48 hours and start receiving 100+ hits per day.  We’ve done it multiple times!

And all of that stuff above is what I do to make money, because I love playing rock n roll and jobs just get in the way of it!  So SEO and Affiliate Marketing is a perfect fit for my lifestyle and I’m willing to bet you can easily see how it’s also a perfect fit for your own lifestyle.

Well if that’s true, please register to this blog as well as sign up to my email list and I’ll send you some amazing information about how you can get started learning SEO and Affiliate Marketing.

I’ll teach you things like

  • How to quickly identify keywords with lots of traffic potential, and low competition
  • The software that automatically does keyword research in bulk for you.  A huge time saver.
  • How to register your domain name, website and get it LIVE on the internet.
  • How to properly set up your website in order to tell Google exactly what it’s about so your chances of a Top Placement are really good.  This is called On Page Optimization.
  • What to put on your website to engage your visitors and get them clicking on your affiliate links.
  • How to give your sites a Power Boost to shoot them up in the rankings from Page xx to Page 1 if your debut position is less than stellar!  This is called Off Page SEO.
  • Where to find large commission products to sell on your websites
  • How to track and organize absolutely EVERYTHING so that any and all information is only seconds away.
  • How to hire other people to do the work you don’t want to do, for pennies
  • How to avoid ‘shiny new toy’ syndrome and stay focused on the things that matter

And there’s just so much more to learn, and there’s no time to waste!  Freedom and challenge await you, so sign up now to start receiving great info!

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