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I’m going to give you a free SEO WordPress Plugin. For Free. Did I Say Free Yet? FREE

Well hello there!

Yes I’m going to give you a free SEO plugin (you may already have it).  I am not selling you anything here, it’s me…I give shit away. It’s a free plugin, that’s quite awesome! But check this out first.

Here’s how it came to be.

Back in the old days of 2014 I used to use a spread sheet to plan out all new sites that I was building for affiliate, client or rank and rent purposes.

I’d load up the spread sheet and Google KW Planner and start organizing keywords by the page topic I wanted to create. I’d manually find out the search volume, CPC, broad, phrase, inTitle and inURL counts for each of the keywords to see which were easy or hard to rank for.

Then I’d optimize all my pages titles, URL’s, H1 & Descriptions with all that data sitting right in front of me in once place, based on the easiest keywords to rank for.

It would look something like this:



I’d then add my content to each of the pages, and ping the site.   That’s it!

I’m obviously not gonna give you my exact URL here,
but I’m sure if you go search Google you’ll see my site
on Page 1 for almost every keyword in that spread sheet
including the ones with search volumes of 75k/month!

I’d rank really well every time out of the gate, and then once I started adding backlinks…well snap. My rankings and traffic just took off!  This exact same site that you are seeing the planning for did this:


Well I was certainly happy with the results of the spreadsheets and the planning I did as you can see…but the manual research process sucked and it took a lot of time, so I hired a developer to build me a WordPress plugin that automated almost every aspect of what I did.

When it was finally finished and I tested it out I was gobsmacked. It was so freaking fast and easy now that I was able to start pumping out sites faster than ever. But I also realized that this plugin could literally help other people just as much as it helped me.

ps-logo-originalSo next I created a name for the plugin which you may have even helped me chose as I reached out to my list for that.   And we all came up with Project Supremacy.

Then I designed it so that you could have it for free and install it on any money site. But if you wanted to install it on another money site, all you had to do was tell two other people to download it for free too! Not too much to ask, I thought.

Well if you don’t already have the plugin, you can grab it for free of course from the link above!  And please don’t let the fact that it’s free make you think it’s some crappy plugin. It is not. In fact it’s extremely useful and I use it every single time I build a site now.

Ok…so you already had the plugin, or you are about to grab the plugin. Now what?

Well in one of my drunken meanderings in Dallas, TX I met up with a seriously amazing programmer who’s put out a few software products of his own.  And I’ll bet that if you are an SEO there’s a 50/50 chance that you are using at least 1 of his products.  I won’t name his name yet.

We kinda got to talking about my plugin and eventually about 3 months later we decided it needed to be 1000 times better and that it easily could be, with his help.  So we got to work on analyzing the plugin’s strengths and weaknesses and stripped it down, and built it back up again…in our minds 😉

And today, the plugin is being re-developed and when it comes back out it’s going to be more amazing than ever.

So here’s what I’m getting at with my insanely long blog post.

The plugin is free right now.  And it’s always going to have a free version.  But because it’s about to get so much better, there’s obviously going to be a new upgrade option offered, but to the people who already own the plugin, they are going to be able to grab that upgrade for a hell of a lot cheaper than when it’s public because we need the beta testers!

So, go get it while it’s free and start using it!  Join the Project Supremacy Facebook Group to start talking about it and asking questions and giving suggestions.  Because over the next 6-8 weeks, you are going to start hearing a lot more about it.  Lots of people will be pushing it and you’ll kick yourself square in the ass if you don’t listen to me right now.  I created this plugin, so the source of information ends beings right here 🙂

Ok one last time just in case you are bored to death of my ramblings.

  1. Download the free plugin here. (since Jan 2016, this turned to a paid plugin, so this is now a 14 day free trial)

  2. Join the Project Supremacy FB Group here

  3. Refer other members right away using the link you get when you join.  If you have more referrals, we’ll reward you for that , trust me!

  4. Stop reading this…go do the first 3 things 🙂

Herc Magnus

PS. Oh…and PLEASE , I love feed back so leave me some comments below ok!


UPDATE 1: Live Case Study: Golf5.net

Hey Everyone,

Ok so right now it’s 6:21PM my time, approx 24 hours after registering my domain name Golf5.net and I have my first update for you!

I’m on Page 1 of Yahoo!  I just checked and I’m already result #7!  That’s 24 hours to Page 1 of Yahoo.  Not bad right?

I haven’t been indexed in Google yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long.

Here’s the picture, or you can goto Yahoo yourself and look for my site!




Live Case Study: Golf5.net

Hey All,

So today I went on a 2 hour call with BTF member adbimc1.

He reached out to me to help him with the whole ranking a blog and keyword research thing.  Why me?

Good question, I’m no pro but I have been having a good amount of success lately ranking blogs onto Page 1 of Google in like ridiculously fast time.  I’m talking 48 hours in some cases.

Furthermore, I’ve been doing it with no back links ($$$) and only 1 single SEO Tool.  My favorite keyword research tool of all freaking time.  SE Cockpit.  My total cost to do this demonstration was $12 to register the domain.  I already had purchased SE Cockpit, so I didn’t include that cost.

So I really wanted to help, and I thought no better way than to explain what I do, and then actually do it live right in front of him.  I should have recorded the session, dam.

Anyways live on Skype Screenshare I brought him right from the first step of keyword research, through domain registration, all the way to building the blog and pinging it to be indexed on Google.

The entire process from keyword research to pinging the blog took about 1 hour.

What we are hoping, and what I’m trying to teach is that you can rank a blog on Page 1 of Google in under 1 week if you do your keyword research and On Page Optimization right.

The only thing that worries me is that I was a little hasty in my keyword competition analysis and chose a keyword that might be a little tougher to rank than I normally would. The reason I chose it however is that it has 60,500 exact searches per month and my trusty software SE Cockpit tells me this is an easy keyword to rank for, so I’m giving it a shot.

I actually stumbled on the keyword when showing him my methods!  Here’s a screen shot of the keyword I chose.  Click it to get a better look!



Golf5.net was registered at about 3pm Mountain Time on April 5th, 2013 and pinged to be indexed about 1 hour later.  No back links, no real major content.

I want to share this build with everyone and be very transparent in my methods in hopes that I can rank this domain very quickly and show everyone that a lot of MIS-information exists about how long it can take to rank a blog and what’s really needed in order to do it.

I didn’t link to the site from this post, in order to preserve the integrity of what I am doing and I hope that anyone reading this post cares more about the information they can gain from reading and following it, than some sort of sabotage!  It happens 🙁

Also, I have traffic stats set up, but it will obviously be skewed due to people wanting to visit the blog and check out the page.

But I will report all findings and hopefully inspire both adimc1 and others!

Please leave your comments/questions etc below, and I shall respond to them there.

I would also love it if you subscribed to my list and I have SOOOO MANY cool posts coming about this SEO stuff!