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PBN Domain Research Video 2 of 3 – My personal research method for deindexed and pre-release domains.

(Video 1 Here)

Hey everyone,

In this video, I explain my personal research method for researching both deindexed and pre-release domains. I also go through 10 research examples to try and show you all the different scenarios that could likely come up during the research process.

  • How to tell if a deindexed domain is still safe to re-register for your PBN and get it indexed again.
  • How to instantly know when domains with amazing metrics are still highly dangerous to register.
  • How to “cherry pick” huge domains and register them for only $20 bucks!
  • How to use Wayback to get the whole history of a domain, and use that information to determine if it’s a good one to register or not.
  • How to do “deeper” research to get a bigger picture

My aim with this video is to show you as many possible scenarios good and bad so that you can avoid buying crappy domains that you thought were good!  Because when you use bad domains, you get bad results and you may not even have known why!  Well…this should help clear that up.

Of course, if you have questions or comments, please leave them below and I will answer them here!


PBN Domain Research Video 1 of 3 – The 4 Phases Of An Expired Domain

Hey everyone,

In this video, I explain the 4 phases that a domain name must go through in order to reach the “expired” domain status.  I talked about registering domains at different phases within this process as well as the costs associated with each step along the way.  There’s a few tricks in here you may not know, like how to catch a domain for less than $20.  I do this all the time to grab really strong TF25+ domains for cheap cheap!

Please watch the video and make sure to comment below!

Watch Video 2 Here