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The Rich Jerk Review & Bonus. He’s Back!

Well I guess 7 years was just too long for one of my favorite characters of all time to stay away!  The Rich Jerk is coming back on October 1st and I couldn't be more excited about it!

I'm offering a one of kind bonus to anyone who grabs RJ through my link and I outline the details in this video below.  Stay tuned to this page for updates as they are being released!

​Check out my RichJerk 2.0 video below!


How Can I Do Good Keyword Analysis With Only Free Tools?

This Q&A section of my blog is a new one I’ve just added as I receive so many good questions by email or in forums and I try as best I can to give really good answers!  Eventually I thought to myself, man I bet other people might find some really good nuggets in my replies, so I decided to start asking the people who emailed me if they minded that I post the who Q&A on my blog.  Most say not at all as they are happy to get the info 🙂

And I’m very happy to share the bit that I do know, so here’s the first post in the new Q&A section, and if you have some questions of your own, please contact me with them!

Todays question came from Michael from the BTF Forum in a private message for a keyword that he wanted help determining the worth of.  Here’s what he wrote to me:


Hey Herc,

I got a lot out of your posts! Thanks so much :-) So I wanted to pick up the 80% Law of SEO but it seems like the link doesn’t work. Is it still available?

Also I wanted your input on something.  I feel like your an honest guy and won’t compete with me for this but I got an EMD for “metabolic boosting foods”

Would this be a good keyword or a buyer keyword at that.  I didn’t get to do much research on the competition because I have not bought any tools yet but Google says its low comp lol!   This will be my first site.   Any input will be greatly appreciated. :-)



I thought this was a great question, because there are lot of people who can’t afford to buy really good competition analysis tools right now and don’t really know how to do a full keyword competition analysis with the free tools that are available.  I got permission from Michael to share this post and keyword, so here was my reply, which included my actual analysis of his keyword.

Grab something to drink tho, this is a long one full of goodies 🙂


Hey Michael,

Thanks for letting me know about the 80% Law of SEO. I have changed the link on my blog to SEO Omega, because I know now that they include the 80% law and a few other cool courses into a bonus package for Omega. I’d love it if you bought off my link of course :)

As for what I do for competition research when I do not have access to my tools (mainly SE Cockpit), here’s my outline. If it doesn’t meet my requirements at each stage, I drop my research and move on. It has to fit all criteria, or it’s a waste of time to build a site on.

I load the keyword into the Google Keyword Planner tool, and check to see what the searches per month are, and what the trend graph shows (the little icon beside the searches per month which tells us the last years search trends and volumes). You want a keyword with at least 1000 searches per month, or you will get no traffic. Alternately, if it’s under 1000 searches per month, but it has a HUGE CPC, then there’s potential there and you need to find out why people are paying that much for this keyword. It’s probably worth it!

I also check the CPC and Competition. I’m usually looking for LOW competition and a CPC of over $1.00 because then I know people are spending money to buy that keyword on Adwords. If they are spending money, that also means there’s likely to be a good affiliate offer out there somewhere.

**Oct 13/2013 Update:  As you can see from the comments below, Jillian P has pointed out the the Competition Bar actually reports on the level of competition (number of advertisers bidding on the keyword) that exists in Adwords.  This whole time I thought it was measuring the level of difficulty to rank, and now looking at it, it makes total sense!  So a HIGH level of COMP would mean more advertisers thus a greater chance of money being spent in that niche, and affiliate products to go for!

I simply check if the keyword is available in .com, .net or .org.  Any keyword with decent SEO Competition is bound to have the EMD’s already registered. So think of it as a 3 stars system. If all domains are available, that’s 3 stars! If only two, that’s 2 stars etc. If none are registered, it’s already pretty obvious that no one is targetting that keyword.

What I do here is simply put the keyword “in quotes” and do a Google search to see how many results are there.  Anything under 100,000 is usually fairly easy to rank for with good on page optimization and a couple solid PR backlinks. That should be enough to get you on Page 1. If it’s really low, say under 30,000 you’ll probably rank Page 1 just for doing good on page optimization.

I just do a Google search of the keyword itself, and see what makes up the Top Ten and how many people have the keyword in the Title, URL & Description. If people are targeting the keyword, you’ll see lots of them in BOLD in those 3 places. If not, pages are ranking Top 10 because they are the closest thing Google could find and the domain likely has some authority!

Finally for the last step, I just look at the keyword and try as best I can to try and put myself into the mind of the person searching for that term.  I ask myself this question over and over:

What is it that they are looking for when typing in this keyword?

I also try to figure out what stage in their search for information are they at.

  • General Search.  This would be broad keywords like “health foods” or “lose weight”.  They are very big terms with tons of searches, but don’t tell us much about what the real problem is.  It sounds like this person wants to lose weight, but why?  Do they have high blood pressure?  Do they want to look good in a wedding dress?  There’s lots of info left to the imagination.
  • More Specific.  These are usually a second search after the person didn’t find what they were looking for the first search.  They are usually long tailed keywords like “lose weight in the belly” or “reduce high blood pressure”.  These keywords are a lot better to target as they are getting more specific as to what the searcher is looking for.
  • Laser Targetted.  These are the keywords people search for when they know exactly what they want.  They have the answer to their question already and are actually searching for opinions or the product/service itself.  These look like this:  “LG Optimuz G 9100 review” or “where to buy Nexus 7”.  If you find one of these keywords and you provide good solid info, you are going to make sales.

The more detailed their search, the more they know exactly what they are looking for and you just need give it to them. If they are in the More Specific range, then they are looking for options, and you should give them that! If they are just getting started with broad niches, that’s pretty tough, but it’s huge traffic and I’d try to build a list from those types of searches, or use Adsense.

So for your keyword;

1.) 70 searches per month, CPC is $0.97 and trend graph is fairly stable, no big losses or gains over the last year.

*** Typically I would stop right there. Your keyword gets only 70 searches per month on average and it doesn’t look like it’s going up in the trend graph. 70 searches would be ok if the the CPC was like over $10 because then you know there’s some serious advertisers for that keyword, but it’s only $0.97.

Sorry dude :( I don’t think this is a very good Keyword at all.

So if it were good after step 1, say you had 1000/month search volume and $0.97 CPC, it’s low but decent!

2.) .net and .org are available. 2 stars

3.) 18,500 phrase match results. That’s super low competition, you could probably get page 1 from good on page optimization.

4.) Seems like lots of Authority sites that aren’t targeting the exact phrase. That’s good, because Google gives them the listing because it’s the closest thing to what is being searched, not the exact thing that is being searched!

5.) It looks like the person is looking for foods to increase their metabolic rate. So they are in a very INFORMATION GATHERING state. They don’t have a list of foods yet. It’s likely that this person wants to lose some weight (high metabolism burns fat) or they are an athlete (but most athletes have a fairly good knowledge of healthy eating habits, and don’t need to Google it).

So overall based just on Step 1, no I don’t think this is a good keyword to go after. Also on Step 5, it’s an informational gathering keyword, no specifics at all and there are TONS of info on the Internet that are free lists of good foods that boost metabolism.

One thing I read about choosing a keyword with good Buyer Intention was that you need to match the size of the problem with the search. The more serious the problem, the better the buyer intention.

“How To Get Rid of Yeast Infection” has a highly embarrassing problem associated with it and an element of privacy. It’s likely someone searching that term who finds a product online would be inclined to spend a bit of money to take care of the issue privately.

“Metabolic Boosting Foods” doesn’t have an urgent or embarrassing problem associated. It’s just a person looking for some healthy foods to eat. They aren’t likely to buy.

Keep that thought in mind when choosing keywords.

I hope this all helps, and if you are ok with it, I’d love to include your question and my answer on my blog. I’d like to include the keyword, since it’s a real example, and I don’t think you would be going after it anyways. But if you want to use it, I’d like to post this anyways, but I’ll hide the keyword.

Let me know and I hope this all helps!



Michael did write back and let me know he gave me the wrong keyword, and then gave me the right one.  The new keyword had 9900 searches per month, $1.17 CPC and LOW Competition in Google.  The .org was available, there was  165,000 Phrase Match results, which is definitely doable with some High PR links.  The Top 10 pages had some sites actually targetting the keyword phrase and a long tail version of his EMD was at spot 10.  Finally his keyword wasn’t overly different than the first one, so it was in the informational gathering stage.

This keyword could be decent for an Adsense style site because the traffic level of 9900/month is there and the CPC is over $1.00, but I don’t see too many affiliate sales coming out of it.  But who am I really!?  I could easily be proved wrong, and I hope I am 🙂

Personally I wouldn’t have gone after the first or the second keyword he gave me, as I have gotten so good at Keyword Research I know I can find an even stronger one in 10-15 mins of searching.

But I wish Michael the best of luck and I hope you liked this post and got something out of it!  If you have questions, remember to email them to me from my contact page and if I have a good enough answer for you, I’ll put it up here on my blog!


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Herc Magnus SEO Zen Review and Bonus!

I’m so glad you came to read this post…please read it all, especially the end part 😉


So it’s been about 9 months since I’ve really hit my own personal stride with SEO. I have about 15 sites on Page 1 of Google now, and I’m closing in on the $1000/month mark in a completely residual income stream!

Most of my sites are EMD style and I’ve done ok with that.  Scratch that, I’ve done great with that, it’s where I learned all my SEO foundations!  But I’ve slowly started realizing that it’s ridiculously easier (and way cheaper) to rank a single domain for 10 awesome keywords than it is to try and rank 10 domains for 10 awesome keywords!

Here’s just a few reasons why.

  • Buy one PR backlink, but all 10 keywords benefit.
  • Buy one domain for $12 instead of 10 for $120
  • Just keep building and working on a single domain, rather than trying to organize details for 10!  This one is such a huge time saver.
  • Focus on one blog, and get much better insight and results from test.
  • More traffic from 10 keywords means easier testing of new CPA, Affiliate and Adsense placements and offers.
  • more, more, more…

So ya, obviously I am getting at something here.  So here it is…

I don’t know if you have ever heard of setting up your blog in a SILO fashion, but apparently it’s getting amazing results in Google.  And SILO’s are what I am talking about up above; using one domain to rank multiple keywords rather than EMD’s for every keyword.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my EMD’s and I ain’t quitting any time soon, but I have started building SILO’s based on the teachings of Alex Becker.

I’m not sure if you know Becker is, but once I started following his SEO advice, that’s where things really started heating up for me.

If you have followed me in the BTF forum at all, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  • Ranking #3 in 8 Days for a 9900/month search keyword

  • 6600 unique visits in one day to my website

  • $700/month in passive income now hands free

Those are all thanks to Becker and what I learned from him.

Well the next level for me is now building bigger sites using SILO’s and because I’ve been one of his good students, he actually let me in on his latest project called SEO Zen and it’s effing awesome!

It’s a Word Press plugin that literally builds your website for you in a perfectly SILO’d structure and I’m talking fast…like mere minutes.  It also sets up each post and page with the 3 things that Google is currently loving the most.

  1. Silo Structures
  2. Relevant & Unique Content
  3. Youtube Videos!

If your blogs have those three things on them, along with a small handful of High PR backlinks you are going to see some major rankings.  Trust me, I’ve now done it personally time and time and time again.


Here’s a video where Becker shows you how fast this baby builds perfectly optimized SILO sites.


Did you watch that?

See what I mean…pretty slick right?  I’ve already started building my very first SEO Zen blog and I’m going to be sharing the results of it here on my blog with everyone.

But if you want to get in on the action right away, Becker is giving an early bird discount of 62% tomorrow on Oct 1, 2013 his launch day of SEO Zen.

The product is going to cost $197 regularly, but as always you can get it cheaper if you act fast.

The biggest discount is the 62% Discount which is only going to last for a few days.

Then they drop the discount to 50% for the last couple of days of launch, then it’s at the full price of $197.


Ok so obviously I want you to purchase SEO Zen through me (I will make a commission, but I truly do believe in the software or I wouldn’t even speak of it).

So here is what I am going to offer if you purchase SEO Zen from this very link.

#1 – Beta Tester Access To KeywordSupremacy.com

On my last blog post, I asked everyone for their suggestion for the name of my new Keyword Tool, and you all voted for Keyword Supremacy.  Well guess what, it’s almost done Stage 1 development and I will let you in as a beta tester.

You’ll be able to grab hundreds of keywords perfect for use with SEO Zen!

#2 – Personal Coaching From Me – Case Study Student

Obviously I want KeywordSupremacy.com to be a success, and the best way I know how is to take all my above beta testers by the hand and actually build their websites with them!  I’ll guide you step by step to a site ‘as guaranteed as I can give you’ to the top of Page 1 of Google.

I’ve done it about 15 times now!

#3 – Personal Case Study of My Fastest Ranking Blog (#1 in 4 days)

I’ll actually reveal to you a blog that I built months ago, that sits at #1 in Google!  It took me 1 hour to find the keyword, build the blog and backlink it.  4 days later it hit #1 and stayed there.  I’ll give you a PDF report with the exact story behind it all.

#4 – My Skype ID

I do NOT give this out as I don’t need everyone in the world just buggin me whenever they need something!  But for people who need access to me to help build sites, I will give you my Skype ID so we can chat (pre-arranged meetings may need to be made).


So I don’t know if that sounds at all worth it to you, but if it does CLICK HERE to get your 62% Discount on SEO Zen, and once you have it, use the contact form to send me your receipt number and I’ll put you on the list for Beta-Testing, Case Study Student, My #1 Blog Case Study and my Skype ID.

Let’s get building!




Please help me pick the name for my new Keyword Research Tool!

Hey All,

As the programmer works away diligently on creating a new keyword tool that is for public use (I’ve been using it privately to find an unlimited supply of amazing keywords) I am going to work on creating the website and design for the new tool. But in order to give the design some direction, I need to give the tool a name!

So I have enlisted the help of many friends, synonym directories, search suggest and other helpful means to come up with this Top 6 list of possible names that I would like to use! So I need your votes to help me choose the best one! Please vote below!


[yop_poll id=”1″]


I really appreciate your help, and will offer all my subscribers first crack at the tool for an amazing discount!




I’m Giving Away Keywords With Exact Match Domains Available!

Awwwww yeahhh!  This is going to be great!

No one I know of is doing what I’m about to start doing!  And it’s in the spirit of giving that I want to do this.  There have been some great guys cross my SEO path that have been unbelievably transparent with the information they share with their subscribers and I want to do the same.

So I’m making an announcement.

I Am Going To Start Giving Away
Keywords That I Find In SE Cockpit

  • They Will Have High Search Volumes
  • They Will Have Low Competition
  • They Will Have Competition Analysis DONE FOR YOU
  • And BEST Of All…They Will Have The Exact Match Domains AVAILABLE!


So how is this going to work?  How will you be able to get one?

Well pretty easy really!  Just subscribe to my list and when the keyword become available, I’ll send you an email.  Be the first to snap up the domain name, and it’s yours!


Sign Up To My List:

First Name:  

Last Name:  


I haven’t decided on the frequency of which I will send out this keyword yet, but I’m thinking either once or twice per month, I’ll mail my list with the details of the keyword.  I’ll include the following information

  • Keyword
  • Global Exact Match Searches/Month (From Google Keyword Tool)
  • Top 10 Competition Analysis From SE Cockpit
  • Top 10 Competition Analysis From Market Samurai
  • Phrase Match Competition From Google
  • Availability of .com, .net & .org


Once I give away this information, it’s up to you to be quick to snatch up the domains.  There are only 33 people on my list as of now, so you’ll have a good chance at grabbing one, but as the list grows it will become a bit harder.

I’ll try to announce the date and time that I’ll be giving away the keyword, so that everyone has a fair chance.

Sometimes there will be 3 domains available as the .com, .net and .org will all be there.  Other times there will only be 2 or 1 domain available.  But if you are really good at backlinking, then you can always take the keyword I give away, and add a modifier to it.

For Instance:
If the keyword I give away is “how to train dogs”, and the .com, .net and .org are already all gone, you can always search for howtotraindogshq.com or howtotraindogsinfo.com etc.

Modifiers are a little harder to rank, but still have a great chance at Top 10 if you do your On Page Optimization right and back link well enough.

There you have it!  Please feel free to make COMMENTS on this post below!



If you would rather just take it upon yourself to find keywords, you should really read this post in which I tell you exactly how I find all these great keywords!




Welcome to my world…

Hello and thank you for visiting!

I am Herc Magnus and as the description of my blog suggests, I have two very strong passions!  Music and Money!  Well I really only love money because it allows me the time and freedom to play music!

I have been making money from the Internet for almost 15 years now, so I’ve seen and done quite a few things!  But as of 2012, my main focus has been primarily on Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as I’ll refer to it from now on.

The reason I’ve chosen SEO as my focus is because it is a challenging, rewarding and profitable way to get free traffic online using the big guy Google.

Basically what I do is find out what highly searched phrases people are looking for on Google, those phrases or the things you type into Google when you search are called keywords.  So I look for keywords with thousands of searches per month!

When I find a bunch of them, I find out which ones don’t have a lot of competition in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages), and I build a webpage or blog based around that keyword.

Why do I do this?

Because if I know thousands of people are searching for a particular keyword, and not a lot of people have a website or blog dedicated to giving out information about that keyword, then it’s going to be relatively easy to rank #1 in Google when that term is searched.

Further more, when you get a website at the 1st position in Google for any term searched, you’ll receive about 50% of the total traffic to your site!  The other 50% of the traffic is split up and heads to results 2 – 20 typically.  Page 3, you suck, you are useless.

So half of the traffic heads to the #1 site.  So if you have a site about “how to play guitar” in the number 1 spot on Google, and about 100,000 people per month search for ‘how to play guitar’ your website will receive approximately 50,000 hits per month or 1666 hits per day, and every single one of those people is looking for a way to learn to play guitar.

Guess what I do next?

Yep, I direct them to a program, a website, a dvd, or anything for sale that teaches people how to play guitar. and if they buy it.  I send them through a special link called an ‘affiliate link’ which tells the people selling the product, that it was me who sent them, so if that person purchases the product, I make a commission!

So all the effort I spend up front, creates a semi-residual income stream.  What I mean by semi-residual is that as long as these 3 conditions are all met, I’ll be making hands-free income.

  1. As long as Google exists to deliver traffic.
  2. As long as people are searching for that keyword
  3. As long as my website is in the Top 3 results

BAM!!!  Free targeted traffic all day, every day, looking for stuff to buy.  And all I gotta do is set up a website, and collect some checks!

Ok, so it’s obviously not THAT easy, otherwise everyone would just do it, but with a little practice, the right guidance and a proper set of tools, you can do this!

A little story…

A year ago into learning how to do SEO with my girlfriend, we sucked at it!  We picked bad keywords, and we set up bad sites and we got very little results if any.  But we never quit learning and trying.

Today, a year later we can pick a keyword and have a website ranked in the Top 3 positions in Google in 48 hours and start receiving 100+ hits per day.  We’ve done it multiple times!

And all of that stuff above is what I do to make money, because I love playing rock n roll and jobs just get in the way of it!  So SEO and Affiliate Marketing is a perfect fit for my lifestyle and I’m willing to bet you can easily see how it’s also a perfect fit for your own lifestyle.

Well if that’s true, please register to this blog as well as sign up to my email list and I’ll send you some amazing information about how you can get started learning SEO and Affiliate Marketing.

I’ll teach you things like

  • How to quickly identify keywords with lots of traffic potential, and low competition
  • The software that automatically does keyword research in bulk for you.  A huge time saver.
  • How to register your domain name, website and get it LIVE on the internet.
  • How to properly set up your website in order to tell Google exactly what it’s about so your chances of a Top Placement are really good.  This is called On Page Optimization.
  • What to put on your website to engage your visitors and get them clicking on your affiliate links.
  • How to give your sites a Power Boost to shoot them up in the rankings from Page xx to Page 1 if your debut position is less than stellar!  This is called Off Page SEO.
  • Where to find large commission products to sell on your websites
  • How to track and organize absolutely EVERYTHING so that any and all information is only seconds away.
  • How to hire other people to do the work you don’t want to do, for pennies
  • How to avoid ‘shiny new toy’ syndrome and stay focused on the things that matter

And there’s just so much more to learn, and there’s no time to waste!  Freedom and challenge await you, so sign up now to start receiving great info!

Sign Up To Receive Updates From Me Below:

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E-mail Address:    

Herc Magnus