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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Case Study Update: Ranking on Page 1

In my Rank & Rent Guide, I showed you how to find really profitable local keywords to build websites based around, and eventually go on to rent them for $1000/month and up.  

The example keyword I used in the guide, I actually built a website for and told you guys I would update you on my blog.  

Well the first update since I've released the guide is now ready, so I shot a video for you! Please watch to see the proof for yourself.  We're on Page 1​

If you want to see a REALLY interesting test...

Google the keyword from the video for yourself and see what position the site is now in.  Feel free to check out what I've done with the site as well.  Once you are done that, come back here and leave a comment on where you saw it ranking.  Also leave what country/city you are in, and what version of Google you used to perform the search (ie.  google.com, google.ca, google.co.uk etc.)