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Monthly Archives: May 2013

SE Cockpit Keywords #1 & #2 For Free!

Hello Everyone!

I’m so glad you made it inside this password protected post! That means you are on my list and actually reading what I have to say and for that here is your gift!

I know I said I’m going to give away 1 keyword, but as this is my first post I want to double that and give away 2 keywords that I found in SE Cockpit using the methods I outlined on this post!

Now some disclaimers about the keywords.

#1.  Since this post will be sent out to everyone on my list, only the quickest to act will actually be able to register the domain.  I cannot and DO NOT guarantee that you will be able to snatch up the EMD domain for that reason.

#2.  Competition.  Once again, since I am sending these keywords to so many people, it’s likely that many will grab the .com, .net, and .org versions or even the .info versions and head into direct competition with you.  I cannot stop that!  So you have to be aware of it.

#3.  I in NO WAY guarantee that you will rank in Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine if you decide to go after these keywords.  There are many other factors, than keyword selection, that attribute to successfully ranking a website in the top of the search engines.

#4.  Because I am giving you the keyword, I will be reporting my findings on what it is that you do with that keyword.  I will have the domain names obviously, and I will be checking in and reporting to my list what you have done.  If you aren’t ok with that, then DO NOT get the keyword and try to build a domain name.

#5.  I WILL help you (with advice, not work) to build the website, provided you purchase any necessary tools through my affiliate links located on my resource page.  I will give you my time, but I just ask that you purchase any tools needed anyways through my affiliate links so that I get something in return!  Should you choose not to purchase anything through me, I may not be as willing to help!  So no guarantees there either!


Ok, now that those are out of the way!  Here are your first two keywords, which happen to target both the men and women population which makes these ones extra interesting!

#1 Keyword:  bmi chart for men
Niche: Weight Loss.
Domain Availability: net & .org
Global Exact Match Searches Per Month: 4400
Google Competition: Low
Google Phrase Match Results: 119,000
Google CPC: $0.74

#2 Keyword:  bmi chart for women
Niche: Weight Loss.
Domain Availability: net & .org
Global Exact Match Searches Per Month: 9900
Google Competition: Low
Google Phrase Match Results: 137,000
Google CPC: $0.78
Market Samurai Screenshot For BMI CHART FOR MEN

As you can see, the .com version of this domain reached #7 on Google just by doing it’s On Page Optimization Correctly, and having only 5 backlinks!  Further, I have looked at the link profile from Majestic SEO and here’s what it shows;



As you can see from this, the link came from one site, but from 5 different places on that site.  Digging a little deeper, I found that the PR of the only backlink is a 0.

Therefore, based on this information, I believe this keyword to be very easy to rank on Page 1, simply by doing the proper On Page SEO!  Further, since the competition analysis for BMI CHART FOR WOMEN is very much the same, I extend my belief that that keyword is just as easy to rank for!

So….there are your first two keywords, with 4 domains available!  Will you go after it now, or watch as someone else builds it?

I’ll release another keyword in the next month!
If you would prefer NOT to wait for me to give you keywords to compete with everyone else, please visit this page to see exactly how I find these keywods!

Please leave any comments below, I will answer them there so everyone can see and share in this knowledge!!






Update:  May 10, 2013

Well all four domain names have been scooped up by one single person, as he didn’t want competition, so congrats Kevin!

I have now unlocked this post, and it is open for public viewing!

So far from what I have seen, Kevin has already put up a bare minimum site for bmichartformen.net and the others have nothing yet.  Nothing indexed in Google yet either!

Kevin, if you want to share your plans, that would be great!